D.C. Just Got a Sexy New Boutique Hotel

It’s easy to be cynical about hotel design nowadays. Too many new hotels look the same in some sort of sleek globalist pastiche—or they verge on kitsch trying to play-act to what a tourist expects in a destination. (It’s why I’ve always found it funny that so many Paris boutique hotels are among the most oddly decorated spaces you’ll ever come across—I’m talking neons and shiny plastic furniture and mirrors all over that you’d think to find in a post-Soviet city.)

Thus I was ecstatic to discover the Lyle in Washington, D.C, the newest hotel in the LORE Group chain. In the hands of Jacu Strauss, LORE’s creative director, the Lyle was anything but ordinary. It is the latest selection for our series on exciting new hotels, The New Room with a View.